12000 mAh Solar Charger Dual Usb

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Price: €14,99

KMF Solar Powered Charger with a 12000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery, Dustproof, Shockproof, Weatherproof, Dual USB Output and an LED Torch.

Description: Solar Charger Dual Usb 12000 mAh Unit

Capability: Charging of the unit consists of:
a. Charging by  Natural Light 
b. Has the function of being Charged up by being plugged into a direct Power source
Comment : Ideal When Out & about ! be it Camping, Hiking, Cycling or just a walk on the beach
Applications : Mobile Phones & Devices
Product Includes :  Protective Cover - Shock Proof, Dust proof & Waterproof 
4 Led indicator lights for reading battery life and charging indicator, Green Light indicates charging via Natural light & Blue Light Via Power source  
Led torch built into Unit
Hanging Hook included in packaging
Includes Usb Charging Cable
Adapter Lead for all types of Mobile Phones & Devices ( Optional Extra )                      
Dimensions: 170mm X 85 mm
Colours Available: Camouflage, Blue & Orange 
Capacity: Lithium Battery 12000 mAh
Life span: 500-600 Charges 
Product Guarantee: 1 Year 
Additional: Connector packs available for all types of Mobile Phone and Devices      



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KMF Eco Limited
Shannon Road, 
Co. Clare, Ireland

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