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In order to offer you a pleasant experience on our webstore we use cookies. Thanks to cookies, for example, you do not have to enter the same information every time you visit our website and you can keep track of the products you have saved in your shopping cart.

We also use cookies to provide us insights about the surfing behaviour of users in order to improve our communication and services, while ensuring a safe and careful handling of your personal information. That is why you will find accurate information about how we use cookies.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file with small pieces of data that is stored by the web browser while browsing a website.


Which cookies do we use?

The type of cookies that we use can essentially be divided in three main categories:

Functional cookies (these are necessary)

Functional cookies make sure that you will have a correct functioning webstore. Whenever you want to pay your order or put articles in your shopping basket, these functional cookies are necessary. Functional cookies are also necessary for:

  • Remembering and storing the products that you add to your wishlist;
  • Reminding you of any remaining products in your shopping basket so you will not lose them;
  • Saved browser settings, ensuring an optimal viewing of our webstore on your desktop screen;
  • Remembering the products you visited, so an easy access to earlier visited products is ensured;
  • The option to save your login credentials so you won’t have to repeatedly put them in;
  • The option to respond to messages in our web shop;
  • An even load on the website, to ensure its accessibility and optimal workability
  • Detecting possible misuse or potential problems, by registering continuous failed login attempts. To register this, we use Google reCAPTCHA (see the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use from Google)


Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are research based. With these cookies, we analyze how our shop is being used. By measuring the website use, we can continuously improve our shop and provide you with a better shopping experience. To ensure this, we save the following data:

  • The IP address. This will be turned anonymous;
  • Technical features, like the webbrowser you are currently using (e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Safari), the resolution of your computer screen, language preferences and the device you are currently on (e.g. computer/mobile phone);
  • From which page you came to the webstore;
  • The duration and time you used or visited the webstore;
  • If you are using the functionalities of the webstore (e.g. placing an order, viewing earlier purchases);
  • The pages you visit on our webstore.

With these cookies we can for example keep track of the precise amount of visitors of our webstore, but also the durations of the visit or the order in which a visitor views the different pages of our webstore.


Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies can be placed on our site by us and by third parties. In addition, we can place marketing cookies on the sites of third parties. The information gained from these marketing cookies can be combined. By researching your online, surf-, search and buying behavior, we can offer you the most relevant offers possible. These marketing cookies enable us to:

  • Keep track of the which advertisements you have already seen;
  • Keep track of how many times you have already seen a certain advertisement;
  • Prevent you from repeatedly seeing the same advertisement;
  • Keep track of the advertisements you click on;
  • Keep track of your order activity after viewing/clicking on an advertisement;
  • Combine your online surf, search and buying behavior regardless of the device you are using;
  • Estimate your advertisement interests and finetune the advertisements we are showing you in our webstore and third parties by combining all the features mentioned above.

Furthermore, advertising networks and media agencies act as an agent between webstores and advertisers. The marketing cookies of these parties ensure that we can show you advertisements by third parties and that our advertising partners can combine your preferences at  KMF Eco Limited with the information they collect from your visits at other websites.

If you want to know the type of cookies these parties place for marketing purposes, we refer you to the cookie policies on their sites. Since these policies change on a regular basis, we recommend you to frequently check their privacy and cookie policies.


The privacy policy of KMF Eco Limited

As earlier mentioned, when using some cookies, personal details are also being processed. In our privacy policy, you will find more information about how KMF Eco Limited handles your personal information.

Last update: 03-10-2020


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