B22 to E27 Socket Converter

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Price: €3,99
Have the Light bulb and the Light fitting but they are different, WORRY NOT heres a solution!

Common Phrases:
B22 Fitting (Big Push in)
E27 Fitting (Big Screw in)
B15 Fitting (Small Push in)
E14 Fitting (Small screw in)

Converts B22 bayonet fitting to a E27 Edison fitting - to replace B22 bulb with E27 bulb.

B22 also known as Bayonet Cap or BC
E27 also known as Edison Screw or ES

Kmf Eco recommends that incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs/spots and CFL bulbs be replaced where possible withLED bulbs to take advantage of the substantial benefits of LED technology such as: massive reduction in energy consumption, very long life-span, environmental sustainability and other compelling improvements.

B22 to E27 Base Adaptor / Convertor

Model: Lamp Socket Adapter B22-E27
Shipping Weight: 70g


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